2024 Summer Internship

In partnership with Huenited Collective, a locally based nonprofit 501(c)(3) focused on improving diversity within the creative industry, we’re looking for underrepresented designers to join our team for a summer internship.
Design Interns here at Madison have endless opportunities to be creative and grow their design skills. You won’t be pigeonholed, overlooked or forced to compete for interesting work. You WILL be challenged, asked your opinion, listened to, expected to solve problems and encouraged to take chances.

We’re looking for someone with broad design experience (digital, print, brand) and the ability to create clear, engaging and information-rich work.

Start/end dates and duration are flexible, beginning in May/June and ending in August.

 Must haves:

  • Able to work full-time
  • Experience with branding systems and structures
  • Technology-friendly attitude and a good understanding of digital development
  • Ability to effectively communicate ideas, progress and questions with your team
  • Tons of curiosity about what our clients do and their audiences
  • Solid knowledge of typography, color, images, and layout
  • Big-picture, strategic thinking

 You’re our favorite if you…

  • Love to collaborate; you’ll be working closely with other designers, writers and clients on all levels; we’ll want your insights and ideas
  • Love the transformational power of design and believe in it
  • Give visual form to solutions that are fitting, sophisticated, and beautiful
  • Value curiosity, learning and enhancing your design skills
  • Present and advocate for your ideas without arguing or ego
  • Don’t wait for direction and are comfortable working independently

Preferred experience:

  • 2 years of design experience with an agency or brand
  • Proficiency in Adobe CC, Microsoft Office software, Slack and video meeting software as well as online collaboration tools such as Miro