Rediscovering what sets a brand apart

As an independent specialty infusion pharmacy that helps patients navigate the ever-changing healthcare environment, BioMatrix was looking to reach more people than ever. Among other obstacles, they’d recently switched their focus and were looking to build a sense of identity—who they really are, how exactly to define their value, and how to stand out among competitors.

We started by doing one of the things we do best: investigating. We conducted competitive audits, analyzing how similar companies not only ran, but positioned and presented themselves. We interviewed stakeholders, patients and referring physicians to gain a deep understanding of BioMatrix from inside and out. We gathered reams of data, listening for what set BioMatrix apart. Themes began to emerge: the compassion of the care team, the high quality of the patient experience, and most importantly, how BioMatrix sticks with patients throughout their journeys.

With our insights gathered, we created a fresh brand strategy for BioMatrix. At the top of the strategy was the responsiveness of their team and the consistency and commitment to the patients throughout that patient journey. We summed it up like this: “Every day, in every interaction, BioMatrix is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.” We designed a toolkit of the brand position and key messages that highlighted their competitive advantages, giving them strategic fuel for growth, marketing and getting employees on the same page.

Right from the beginning, working with the team at Madison Design was seamless. They took the time to understand not only our specific needs but also the needs and gaps in specialty infusion pharmacy. Jackie and her team listened, researched, and provided amazing actionable solutions that allowed us to rebrand ourselves in the infusion pharmacy space and grow upon that rebrand for years to come.