Building trust is foundational


CMT Imports has always made things easier for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), providing comprehensive component solutions for highly engineered parts in the automotive, lawn and garden, industrial equipment and other industries. With over 20 years of experience and new leadership in the form of the founder’s daughter, they were ready to take a new look at what they could do to position themselves for success and continue to grow the business. They were particularly interested in learning how to articulate their value as they started to pursue new avenues to grow sales.


The more we learned, the more it became clear that CMT needed a solid branding foundation they could build upon for the next 5-10 years. With changing buyer personas and new ways to go to market, they needed to lay a foundation for communication along these new avenues. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they needed to define once and for all what sets them apart from their competitors.


We conducted discovery workshops with CMT stakeholders to help build their brand equity and positioning, find their key messaging, define their target audience, and even explore the visual components of the brand. What emerged from those workshops was new positioning, identity, and messaging. At the core of CMT’s new positioning: “Trust is transformational.” Similar brands may be able to tout quality control, but only CMT can claim both quality control and an elevated emphasis on building trust and partnership with their clients. That trusted partnership is what gives clients the stability to move their business forward, giving them the confidence to innovate, grow and reach their goals. With the rollout of the new positioning came a new tagline (“Global solutions, local support”), color palette, type, iconography, and photography style.

Partnering with Jackie and the Madison team was a truly great experience! They expertly guided us in clearly defining our brand, which now allows new prospects to effortlessly understand who we are and what we offer. Their exceptional talent for simplifying complex concepts into straightforward, yet compelling messaging was impressive. This enhanced clarity in our branding has ensured our team delivers a unified message and has significantly increased our appeal to potential customers.