Eyes on the Prize: Defining the EyeMed Conference Experience

Every year, EyeMed hosts their Sales and Marketing conference for their internal sales and marketing teams (SAM). It’s an opportunity to connect with EyeMed employees, celebrate accomplishments and plan for the year ahead. To generate excitement and create an immersive brand experience, EyeMed needed a unique visual theme and motto for 2024. So we teamed up to create something unforgettable.

EyeMed wanted something that felt high energy, sporty and nod to the new brand’s look and feel. So we got to work. Our process included an audit of athletic brands and current design trends to help us generate concepts that felt dynamic and modern. We also considered how the theme could stay connected to the EyeMed brand, but still feel unique enough to live on its own.

This year’s conference theme was “Together We’re Unstoppable.” We explored several visual pathways that evoked determination and drive. The chosen visual approach used the brand’s bright green color paired with black for a modern and athletic feel. The theme was used to develop a new conference logo as well as a PowerPoint template for internal team members to create their own conference materials. The template featured libraries of custom assets: variable width theme words, arrows and halftone imagery. The project also included the debut of a new EyeMed icon library, featuring 100+ icons ready for the EyeMed team to use.

The conference theme was a huge hit among EyeMed employees. We were proud of our ability to collaborate quickly and create flexible and ready-to-use assets for internal team members. We can’t wait for next year!

Working with the Madison team is always a joy. They understand how to create a brand and how to “stretch it” for unique experiences like our sales and account management conference. After a conversation about the conference themes and the desired mood and feel, they crafted a unique expression that perfectly captured the energy of the event. They delivered a design system that was applied across signage, videos, digital apps and presentations, tying everything together beautifully.