Rebrands require stakeholder alignment


Mar 9, 2020

Rebrands are investments in time and money. They’re also an investment by everyone connected to your brand. To get it right, start by identifying and aligning key stakeholders (hint: they’re not just customers).

Mobilize internal stakeholders

A rebrand is hard enough without sending mixed messages. Make sure leadership is ready to socialize the new identity and remove any obstacles. One brand, one voice starts at the top.

Check in with external stakeholders

There’s simply no way to know what your customers and prospects think other than to ask them. That means research. Experience teaches us that you WILL be surprised by something you hear.

Find the right partner

Yes, your brand agency is a stakeholder too. Truly believing in your mission—and what you want your brand to stand for—can’t be faked. The right fit for your values will be the right fit for your brand.